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Since childhood I have found great comfort and a sense of self when leaning into creativity and my imagination. Relationships, food, and laughter are all things that bring me happiness and resonate in my work through avenues of function and connection. The versatility of clay allows me to experiment and grow at my own pace. Wheel throwing and handbuilding are equals in my creative process, each with their own respective personality. My utilitarian forms are embellished by ergonomics, bold colors, and deeply hand carved designs. In contrast, sculpturally, I enjoy working on a much smaller scale that thrives on huge detail. Aiming to tug at heart strings and common ground, I incubate puns using a dedicated subject — the egg. It has been an unplanned yet ‘eggstraordinary eggsperience’ to have such a muse, to say the least.


Inspiration can be simple and it’s everywhere. There’s a desire for connection that is quietly challenging me. Working with my hands feels like second nature yet I can still become overwhelmed… And there I am, feeling like a kid all over again, master of my clay universe, humbled by my emotions or the clay on the table.  Fortunately, clay has taught me the value of patience. For that reason I know that clay is my freedom.





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