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I began working with clay in 2003, right out of high school. Feeling motivated and passionate is very important to me. Thankfully, clay has flooded my life with never ending opportunities for work and fun. 


Since 2012 I have been the Clay Studio Manager for the NC State University Crafts Center. My passion for teaching began in 2006 while earning my degree in Ceramic and Metal Sculpture. Kiln building, glaze formulation, functional or sculptural courses - my focus sky rocketed. Soon after, I was hired to teach at the Town of Cary Arts Center as well as apprenticed under several local ceramic artists. For over a decade now I have been working with clay in all its production levels. Sharing what I know and helping people find their expression in this medium is an incredibly rewarding experience. I truly love what I do.


Whatever the form, my work is focused and clean, eclectic in detail. Falling in love with the research of a piece and deciding on the tools for the journey is just as important as the result to me. Sometimes there are just too many options out there, so what I’m making is always changing… but I will never half-ass it! Lamps, vases, some functional wares, little boxes and Oh! The figures! Commitment makes creation worth it. Consequently I don’t know if I will ever really settle on one thing… other than eggs.


The eggs hatched years ago, my friend Deb was part of the inspiration. You could say they were a bit of a wakeup call for me. They require me to put a large amount of work into a small piece while conveying a humorous or personable message. The world seems to love them, for which I am very grateful and beyond inspired to continue developing a new nest each year.


Over time I continue to learn the value of patience and in turn have become a more compassionate human being and artist. This is what my freedom feels like. J

Clay Studio Manager

  NC State University  

  Crafts Center

  Raleigh, NC



  Village Art Circle      


  Cary, NC 



  Cocoon Gallery

  Apex, NC


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