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Clay is my freedom. I have always felt a deep-rooted connection with this medium, as if to say it was my focus in another life and have found my strengths as an artist because of it. I enjoy making things that connect with people, whether it be something functional or decorative. I want my work to become an item of comfort or tradition, evoke a positive vibe, bring back a memory, grab attention from across the room, or just make you laugh out loud.


Porcelain is my preferred clay body to work with, fired in electric kilns to cone 5. My time is split evenly between wheel throwing and handbuilding, a balance that took me too long to realize the benefits of. There is a different flow and intensity to each process, both yielding unique results that are rewarding to intertwine. My design flow circulates a few core values – function, surface, and attention to detail. With 360° of freedom at hand, I revel in the opportunity to connect at every angle with bold colors, deep or intricate textures, and smooth surfaces. Underglazes, slips, and transucent glazes allow me to achieve a cohesive yet striking surface.


There are many connections between my artistic style and the things that held my focus as a child; I Spy books, Crayola’s bold color palette, rusty gears, food, the oudoors, drawing, birds, tools, and general silliness. These are still the things that inspire me, and I have learned that no matter how old we get our interests are rooted in familiar categories. Relaxing into who I am as a person and a maker has resulted in a refreshing freedom and confidence in my studio. 



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