The Eggs



How it all started...


Several years ago my good friend Deb and I were in her studio, it was early spring, and she asked me if I  could throw some eggs for us to play with. “For Easter, oh it will be so fun to decorate clay  eggs!” Pretty soon off-the-hump we had a couple dozen in front of us but quickly our interest began to fade… 


      “Well, what else can you do with a clay egg?”  

                                                                                                              “I don’t know — you’re the expert, you tell me!” 

      “Expert… … Expert… Eggspert! … … How do you make an Eggspert?!!” 


For days on end I pondered, determined not to waste that nest, risking outcast and asking  anyone to entertain my query – How do you make an ‘eggspert’? Life felt like I was  searching the universe for an impossible answer, I needed a true expert… And then  suddenly, in my mind, there he was - Albert Einstein, the master of all things matter. E=mc2 makes an eggspert! After this eggsiting discovery the inspiration began to flow. Puns  galore, life complete. You see, when you put your energy into existence, it matters.


The Eggs: 2021

All of my eggs are wheel thrown and altered, made with a cone 5/6 porcelain.  The size of each egg varies slightly but averages around 2" x 3". Before creation begins, there has to be name and the incorpated pun cannot sound forced. For eggsample — eggsotic, eggsemplary, neggative, or eggspert versus pinot eggrigio, feggy pudding, or hot egg ballon. The connection between the phsical egg and the name is what drives my creativity even further. It can take anywhere from one to twenty hours to complete a piece. 



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